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10 YouTube Channels worth Subscribing To

We all use YouTube, quite a lot of us on a daily basis, but I’ve found that as a conversation piece it usually falls flat. Often one of the parties is struggling to grasp just exactly what made a certain … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: A Series in Retrospect

Something I’ve noticed at university is that being a Doctor Who fan is strikingly more niche than I had imagined. People are willing to admit that they’ve watched it in the past. They whole-heartedly endorse the concept. Yet their admission … Continue reading

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Wallow in Solitude

Not precisely sure where I’m going on this stretch of single track, I see a sign, a brown one, whispering Warbeth. Continue reading

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In the Spirit of Such Sequels

I access the Sailing Club via steps parallel to the building’s façade, nimbly negotiating my way past the overspill smokers…Whatever we experience, it will be collective; band and fans, the barrier blurred. Continue reading

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Why Muse Should Call it Quits

On Monday of this week Muse released their seventh album. Entitled Drones and billed as a concept exploring the moral implications of remote control killing machines operated by equally machine-like humans, who in turn are agents of a further tertiary … Continue reading

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