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My top albums 2021

2021 got off to a terrible start with Tier 4 restrictions imposed in Glasgow for the best part of four months. Things began to revive in April and by May I had finally met the people on my course for … Continue reading

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A rose is a rose is a rose

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco is presented to the reader as the text of an authentic medieval manuscript form the fourteenth century. Its author’s love for the time period radiates from every page; beyond passion, beyond fascination, … Continue reading

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The return of Twin Peaks: a classic revived

It is unusual for a writer to revisit his work after such an extended period of time away, and stranger still for him to successfully gather almost all of the original cast for the return. The only comparable example that … Continue reading

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New Who Review

A puddle perplexes companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) in Doctor Who’s series debut, ‘The Pilot’. This strong opening episode should set the tone for executive producer, Stephen Moffat’s final year at the helm of the TARDIS. After a year away … Continue reading

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Jesca Hoop ‘Memories Are Now’ Review

Jesca Hoop’s Memories Are Now is truly something to behold. Conceptually bold in both musicality and subject matter, this is a brave and beautiful project from an artist exerting full masterly control over what she creates. Illustrated with a focused, … Continue reading

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Not the Rock Concert as We Know it…

Canadian minimalist techno group Suuns (pronounced ‘soons’ – like Sassoon) took their unique post-rock performance deep into the basement of Glasgow’s Stereo on Monday, October 24. Waves of bass engulf the audience, resonating with our gelatinous viscera; at first an … Continue reading

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Honeyblood @ Electric Circus Review

Glasgow duo, Honeyblood brought their distinct brand of low-fi noise pop to Edinburgh this October in what was the final gig of their pre-semaphore release tour. No strangers to the more intimate venues such as Electric Circus, one feels as though … Continue reading

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Fickle Friends @ Electric Circus Review

Fickle Friends hail from the sunny seaside town of Brighton and this is evident in the summery aesthetic of the scintillating synth pop they supply. This was the band’s first ever performance in Scotland, let alone Edinburgh, and they went … Continue reading

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Why Muse Should Call it Quits

On Monday of this week Muse released their seventh album. Entitled Drones and billed as a concept exploring the moral implications of remote control killing machines operated by equally machine-like humans, who in turn are agents of a further tertiary … Continue reading

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Hybrid Constellation E.P Review

Wow. I’ve just drawn breath after listening to Hybrid Constellation’s self-titled second E.P for yet another time. Five songs with more force than the entire Jedi council put together. It’s the kind of selection that makes it impossible not to … Continue reading

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