I Found a Mouse on Day Two


It feels strange to sit here and type something that will not end up on The Student by some path or another. After a week of battering out review after review of production after production it feels nice to be goalless for once. Of course, I take pride in what I do – caress the keys and mull over every word. Probably somewhere in between there lies the truth.

The words are flowing, leaking out of me like a bloated milk that’s on the turn and burst its plastic shell. What’s with the milk simile? We’ve got twelve pints. Communication breakdown – Robert Plant’s birthday yesterday.

I’m nearing the end of my first week living in my new flat. Cars swish by; determined heels clack past; hammers and drills demolish and erect, and at night the drunken exchanges – their prayers ascend to heaven. That is, me on the second floor.

I found a mouse on day two. I had to hoover. There was no getting round it, I’m compulsive.

Luckily the hoover’s banshee wail covered my own scream of terror.

On Friday I cleaned the bathroom. It felt great. Nothing like a good bit of self-degradation to get the endorphins flowing.

Melissa guided me through, took me step by step on the “Clean my Space” YouTube channel.

I have a roommate agreement to amend, or as we like to think of it – a flat constitution.

Things are getting very real at the moment. I’m almost beginning to feel like a proper adult – although university is just a conscious delay to that process. Having to sort out gas and electricity bills, exemption from Council Tax (thank goodness not actually paying it), dealing with the landlord etc. etc.

Speaking of landlords, and flats…Rent: The Musical. I went to see it last night with low expectations and a hefty dose of scepticism (date night with my flatmate), but in the end it was actually really good. Q: How do you measure a year? A: Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes! It was only after the show, replaying the song in my head, that I realised there was a T.S. Eliot reference: coffee spoons. Even better.

Today also marks a major milestone in my life. My Spotify playlist has reached 100 songs, and therefore it is time to begin anew. So many discoveries to make, I cannot wait.

About alasdairflett

German & English Literature graduate. From Orkney. Interested in alternative and indie music, language, writing and politics.
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