The Pier my peers from Brundlier

Hey. Its been quite a busy last few weeks. Exams are finished and I’ve moved into fifth year at school, now seven weeks of summer lie ahead.

Since I think the beginning of May, I have been going to the Pier Art Centre to volunteer for two hours on Saturday morning. In this time I’ve found myself doing ever unpredictable activities including sorting out characters in an old printing press and even painting downstairs; removing pencil marks for the new exhibition.

I’ve enjoyed even doing mundane admin stuff because the staff are very friendly and a good laugh. I have been cataloging in the library and reclassifying books in the shop which I find very interesting. I also discovered a mutual appreciation of Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins with the Intern, Nick.

Other relevant going-ons have been obviously Sports Day, which our house “Thorfinn” won, and Band Comp. I think my enjoyment of both was reduced a bit due to many being away on the school trip to Paris. I did not perform at Band Comp this year as my fellow band members had absconded to France.

This summer looks to be fairly similar to last with myself working at the hotel a fair bit, raking in the cash. I would have liked to see a band later in the year like I did last October with Muse but nothing really seems to fall in the holidays unless someone wants to come with me to see Arctic Monkeys on Friday 1st of November in Glasgow. I’d like to keep blogging and do something creative, use up my disposable barbecues, update my wardrobe and possibly reawaken the dormant MCTB under a new brand.  

About alasdairflett

German & English Literature graduate. From Orkney. Interested in alternative and indie music, language, writing and politics.
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