Still Here

Hello my lovelies. Its been too long. Well what’s new hmm… I’m on exam leave at the moment and I’m half way through them. I’ve been working fairly frequently as it happens.

Work, yes I haven’t told you much about that. I am employed as a kitchen porter at the Standing Stones Hotel. Some are quick to dismiss me as a lowly dishwasher yet I am proud to claim my title is justified as I have been known to bread a haddock every now and again.

It is true, my friends,  I live a double life. An existence concealed, inaccessible to the majority. A world where my name is forgotten and I take on a new persona, that of the majestic phoenix: Brundle.

The fateful day of my christening was not marked with ceremony, only an innocuous Facebook posting proclaiming I was to be bestowed with these characters and associated thereafter. I did not question what was happening at the time but in the months that have followed I have learned to embrace my double identity.

I have trawled the interweb for clues as to what my new name could mean but have never come across anything that was entirely conclusive. Perhaps as a non-word it has taken on a new meaning, one that is evolving constantly, living, breathing, changing. Brundle represents a time, a specific period of my reality which I must overcome and move beyond for the good of myself.

If anything, Brundle has taught me how important it is to pass exams and progress into the future because if you get complacent, you will just be stuck there in the Brundleverse unable to escape, unable to move on. Overtime you’ll enjoy it, never want to leave, because its a simple life where you are appreciated and you are amongst friends. But that’s the trap we all risk falling into, to stay somewhere comfortable in blissful isolation from the real world without ever evolving. We cannot allow this we must acquire the means to escape and in this world that means passing exams, so that’s what I’m off to do [hopefully ;)]     

About alasdairflett

German & English Literature graduate. From Orkney. Interested in alternative and indie music, language, writing and politics.
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